Which is Better? Polyester Fiber and Cotton

In our daily life, we cannot do without eating, dressing, sleeping, people are dealing with fabrics all the time. Nowadays the common fabrics are mostly made of polyester fiber, cotton, nylon and other materials; and new environmental friendly materials have been developed in recent years. Polyester fiber has been popular in recent years; and original ecological cotton has always been the focus, so which is better on earth?

The Composition of Fabric Weaving Machine

Some people think that cotton is better as it is natural, some think polyester fiber environmental friendly. Although they are both material of weaving fabric, they will have different effect while being made into different end products.

Polyester fiber is often called dacron, normally for weaving sports pants, but the permeability of polyester is not good, people wearing it will easy to feel hot, thus it does not belong to high-grade fabrics. Production cost of polyester fiber is lower than cotton. The polyester fiber has a good acid resistance, so neutral or acid detergent are normally used during cleaning; alkaline detergent accelerates the aging of polyester fabric. In addition, polyester fabrics generally do not need ironing.

Cotton is different from polyester fiber, which is alkali-resistant. Ordinary washing powder can be used for cotton fabric. Cotton has good air permeability, hygroscopicity, perspiration absorption, a popular choice of children's clothing.

The advantages and disadvantages of cotton and polyester fiber are different, and in many occasions the two types of material are used together according to a certain proportion to achieve the need of the daily use.

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