Improve the efficiency of rapier loom

Technical measures to deal with broken edges, torn selvages, and jumping flowers

Adjust the border gauze organization

My company's rapier loom is equipped with two BBB 0 2. It is used as an edge organization. Due to the high density of the variety and the high degree of tightness, the cutting edge of the upper machine is especially serious, which directly affects the efficiency and quality of the loom. After the experiment, the decision to use square flat tissue, the severed head greatly decreased, the effect is very good.
Adjust the opening amount of the edge yarn
To reduce the tension and friction of the upper and lower warp threads. The drawing size of the edge heald frame is adjusted to 55 mm and 65 mm from the original 70 mm and 80 mm, and the opening volume is adjusted to 100 mm from the original 106 mm, and the height of the frame is adjusted to the highest position of 175 mm. After a long time observation, the effect is good, reducing the production of the edge yarn break and the hop.

The adjustment of the sword drive

Around in order to reduce the sword head and the sword band, take in and out of the mouth when weaving yarn side, side whipstitch yarn to produce larger friction, bad side, side whipstitch bad problem, while reasonably adjust the opening time, the left and right sword drive process adjusted. Required loom at 0 °, left sword head to closed to move in on the basis of the original 10 mm, right sword head end to track down the changed from 160 mm to 160 mm, purpose is about sword head block, belt, into the weave a little later, the cloth fell a little earlier, reduce the friction of edge warp yarn, overlock.

Adjustment of the heave (lock) mechanism

My company the wring side body of rapier loom is independent, therefore, alter tie around the stroke should be within the required range, traverse the opening size and Angle of loom opening time to cooperate with each other well, overlock around 15 °, earlier than the opening time and to ensure that each weft side whipstitch time can keep consistent and otherwise, will produce a weft side whipstitch early, another weft side whipstitch later. At the same time, make sure that the thread of the lock is smooth, uniform and smooth. If there is an error in the process, the lack of adjustment will result in the bad side of the lock, and the bad side, the decanted edge, and the increase of the breakage, which affects the efficiency of the loom and the quality of the product.

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