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Vamatex Spare Parts

Our rich experience and knowledge have enabled us to supply a vast range of Vamatex loom parts, especially for K88, LENARDO, PANTER, C401, P401, P1001, P1001ES and etc. These parts are among the most economical loom parts for sale in the market. The Vamatex spare parts are manufactured as per OEM specifications to ensure an excellent performance at customer end.

K88 spare parts including: releasing plate, movable and fixed cutter arm, cutter shaft, rapier drive wheel hoop, leading board, parallel bar, selvage cutter and parts, yarn guide, guide hook, rapier tape lock block, weft cutter cam, weft adjusting shaft, slider block, spline shaft, mainboard, circuit board, weft selector pin, panel, clutch, oil filter, rapier drive wheel and etc.
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