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Sulzer Spare Parts

We are among the most professional manufacturers engaged in supplying optimum quality Sulzer spare parts to the textile industry. We provide a complete series of Sulzer loom spare parts cater to needs of our customers, for models like GS6100, GS6200, GS6300, FAST, GS900 and etc. We will carry out a non-stop research and development to supply the best and most economical Sulzer spares to the partners around the world.

GS6100 spare parts including: wire wheel, clutch, clutch wire, rapier tape lock block, rapier tape plate, releasing plate, clutch axle, nylon gear, axis gear, rapier wheel, belt pulley and etc.

GS6200 spare parts including: guide plate, eccentric shaft, filter, cutter, coupling, releasing plate, rack, clutch, clutch wire, cam and etc.

G6300 spare parts including: rapier drive wheel, rapier tape, dust collection housing, motor coupling, crisperding needle base, clutch, spring piece and etc

FAST spare parts including: main clutch, weft finding clutch, low speed clutch, waste edge cutter, rapier tape, rapier drive wheel, releasing plate, harness lever, motor coupling, locating shaft, encoder spring, let-off worm and etc.

GS900 spare parts including: cutter accessory, releasing plate, rapier drive wheel, dust collection housing and etc.
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